lunedì 2 marzo 2009

Some of my new creation

Here you are some of my new creation: Delicious slices of cake with chocolate, mint and cream, with a chocolate chip and a sugar ball on top, it's all handmade with Fimo(polymer clay).

A cute pair of earrings with white and pink marshmallows made of Fimo (polymer clay. Lovely!!

For coffee cup's lovers! Coffee bracelet: it’s a charm bracelet with big cup of coffee and coffee beans with sweet little red hearts on! it's all handmade by me with fimo (polymer clay).

Hallo Kitty cookie charm necklace
Brown and white - chocolate with cream inside! With a little Hallo Kitty hand-stamped on with a rubber stamp! (Hallo Kitty is stamped on each side of the chocolate cookie, and she's holding a cup and in the other side a teapot! so cute!)

Original Cornetto!
This is a big cornetto-ice cream key chain!
with chocolate chips and nuts!
Perfect also as bag-chain!

You can find it in my DaWanda online shop with the March's Great Promotion!

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  1. Mi piacciono tantissimo gli orecchini fetta di torta verdi^O^ c'è solo l'imbarazzo della scelta,son tutti bellissimi!^^ Di alcuni nn ho trovato la foto mi sa...comunque questi a forma di fetta di torta son stupendi!^^